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Review it! Dove body scrub

When the oppressive summer heat hits a solid stride, that makes me reach for body scrubs.  Something about the weather being all hot and sticky makes the idea of exfoliating extra appealing.   Whatever the reason, Dove’s new body scrubs arrived on the scene just in time for me.

These scrubs come in three scents: Kiwi seeds and Aloe, Pomegranate seeds and Shea butter and Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk. I was fortunate enough to receive all three of these to try out.

Honestly? I love these. Each scent is pleasant and fresh, and not overpowering. The texture is very nice, its almost totally opaque when you first smooth it on; it does start to thin out as you scrub, but it doesn’t dissipate too quickly.

See that rich texture?

The packaging on these is also very good. The  lids on the jars have just enough grip to make opening them in the shower easy, and the protective inner lid keeps things tidy and pops out easily, there’s even a little pull-tab. I have also noticed that the open jar sits quite steadily inside the outer lid, which is great when you don’t have a lot of shelf space.

Close up detail of the inner lid

So I have to say, these scrubs are a total win for me. All of the scents are nice, the texture is totally luxurious, and it’s consistent between the different scents.  For a drugstore item, I think these are totally worth it, even at a higher price point, I think these would still be worth it to me. The hardest decision here is which scent to use next!



Disclaimer: I received these from a promotional giveaway, with no obligation or compensation.