Esqido liners: solid essentials!

When it comes down to the basic necessities for a beauty kit, black & brown eyeliners are the phillips and flat head screwdrivers of the makeup toolbox; very similar tools, but you’re better off having one of each. Could you use other things to get the job done? Probably, but having the right one for the job is very helpful.

So I was delighted to hear that Esqido, whose lashes I recently reviewed, was bringing out their own gel liners, and they were kind enough to offer me a black and a brown for review.
Yay liners! Also, nice clean package design
I know many people prefer liquid liner, but I happen to think that a gel pencil liner is a more accessible, easier to use option, especially if you’re new to makeup. You can do a precise line with them, but they are also far more forgiving than your average liquid liner. And when you have a quality one that will set in place, there’s practically no down side.
good color payoff and smooth application

These liners are no exception. They gave me a bold, pigmented line on the first swipe, and once they set, they are locked in for the long haul. I’m not exaggerating either, here’s a clip of me trying very hard to rub these swatches off after letting them set:

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “these are gel liners in a plastic tube, so once they’re dull thats it on precision!” Right? Nope! These guys thought of that too!  While you do twist the bottom of the tube to bring up more product, the very end of the pencil actually pops out to reveal –
A built-in SHARPENER! :O
These liners are great quality, and they’re not even super expensive. Right now you can get them for $12 each, a pretty good bargain for a quality liner with its own built-in sharpener- a really handy detail.
So if you’re looking for some good liners, I would definitely check these out. While they only come in black and brown, those are pretty useful colors to have. And if you’re looking ahead to plan your perfect holiday party look, maybe look at some of their lash styles while you’re there, its a great way to make your look more festive!
Of course, many festive holiday looks call for the perfect red lip, which is never an easy choice to make! Perhaps we should examine that next. 🙂
Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes.

One thought on “Esqido liners: solid essentials!

  1. Oooh, looks like they might even stay put on my phenomenally greasy/slippery eyelids….!

    I do love me a gel liner. It’s basically all I’ll use.

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