Playing (with) Favorites!

I feel like the term favorites is over-used in the beauty community. Possibly because the term is so ideal for the products that we reach for over and over, and immediately repurchase when they run out. A lot of people use the term Holy Grail for the favorites that wind up holding a permanent place in their arsenal, but I’ve never been fond of that term. Instead, I will refer to these diehard favorites as my BFFs. (Beauty Favorite Forever? Beauty Fabulous Find? Maybe I should stop….)

I started thinking of this today because I was unhappy with how my hair looked, and was relieved that I had a small brush and something that has become a BFF for me: Psssst! dry shampoo. As someone with fine hair, this is a lifesaver. The problem I often run into is that my hair, especially around the ends, dries out very easily if washed too frequently, but my hair is fine enough that it starts to look oily quickly after washing. With dry shampoo, I can restore a fresher look without torturing my ends with additional washing and styling (and most dry shampoos also have a lovely scent, which can be helpful when you postpone wet-washing your hair!). Another benefit is that dry shampoo gives your hair a bit of volume, so if your hair is clean, but too flat for your tastes one day, a quick blast of dry shampoo can fix that up as well. It’s no wonder the stuff gained so much popularity in recent years.  There are tons of brands available now, so if you don’t care for my BFF, there’s plenty of candidates out there that could become yours!

Another one of my BFF’s is Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze. While I do recommend that line of shadows in general, this particular one is great for a “one and done” eye look. Those days when you’re rushed or just not feeling like doing a lot with your makeup, it’s always nice to have a product you can reach for that will give your eye the definition you want without much effort, and this product is great for that. A good eyeshadow for a “one and done” will generally have some dimension and shimmer. Ideally, you get a different effect when it is patted in place vs. being blended out, which makes for a more complete look on the eye. I generally do this by blending the color out over the whole lid and crease area, and then patting more color in place on the lid to finish the look, I’ve taken a few photos to try and demonstrate this, I realize its rather subtle, but its not meant to be a bold look anyway. Notice how the lid gets shimmer, but the crease along the outer corner just gets some darker shading:

From left to right: a clean eye, then color blended out over the lid & crease, and finally, additional color added to the lid for more definition
From left to right: a clean eye, then color blended out over the lid & crease, and finally, additional color added to the lid for more definition











Something I reach for even when i’m wearing hardly any makeup at all is Benefit Erase Paste (I use shade no. 2). What I most appreciate about Erase Paste is its peachy tone, which acts as a color-corrector.  It can cover up under-eye circles and minor redness with equal ease. This is my favorite because it makes short work of perfecting my face. Even when I’m not in a rush, this is my BFF because you don’t need to apply a lot of it to get the desired effect, so it’s easier to keep the look natural. (Color corrector is an interesting subject, and I intend to get deeper into that in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!)

BFFs go beyond just actual makeup, though. When you want your skin to look good, you have to take care of it before even applying makeup with a good skin care routine. One product that has become semi-essential to me is the Avon Anew Vitale eye gel cream. I find it keeps the area nicely hydrated without getting greasy or oily during the day. Anyone who needs eye primer to keep their makeup in place should pay attention to their eye cream, because using one that’s too rich could be working against you, causing the area to get greasy/oily much quicker than it would otherwise.  (See my post about eye shadow woes “Dark Shadows” for more on the struggle of keeping eye makeup in place!)

Another important prep step is keeping my lips in good condition. Not only is this a comfort issue (chapped lips HURT!), but if you’re applying lip color, a smooth surface is key to a good result, especially if you enjoy the matte lip trend – and I definitely do! Something I have found invaluable to keeping my lips lovely is the Vaseline Lip Therapy line. An amusing bonus is that they come in adorable mini versions of the classic tub! (It’s not shown on their site, but there is also a Creme Brulee variety that I have that is extremely yummy!) I love this product because it lasts a long time. I can even apply before bed and still feel it on my lips in the morning. It really keeps them in good shape!

So that’s a short list of my BFF products. Let me know if we share a favorite! And if you think I’m missing out on one of your BFF products, I would love to hear about it.

COMING SOON!  Part Two: BFF Beauty Tools!  

7 thoughts on “Playing (with) Favorites!

  1. Dry shampoo is one thing I haven’t quite figured out. It never seems to do much for me, but then, my hair seems to have two settings: curly-as-hell and oilslick-straight. I’ve noticed some improvements since I got a boar bristle brush, but I can’t seem to find one that gets into my hair and scalp the way I’d like.

    I LOVE that Maybelline Colour Tattoo. Lifesaver. They have a grey-lavender matte that does wonders for my ability to run out the door looking polished, too.

    My personal must-have BFF is a lip marker (e.l.f. makes a great one, as does NYColor). It makes your lips look really defined, like a lipliner that STAYS, and makes you look polished just with that and a slick of gloss, or helps the staying power of lipstick or gloss balm/stain….plus, it’s really fun to feel like you’re colouring on your lips with magic marker!

    1. From what I have learned, sometimes curly hair needs different treatment, I remember Tresseme having a dry shampoo in foam form that indicated it was for curly hair types, maybe that would work better for you?

      Like I said, I love the whole line! I think I know the color you mean and that one is super versatile. 🙂

      I think I may have one of those elf stains somewhere, i should dig it out!

  2. I have wavy/curly/straight hair depending on the humidity. I love dry shampoo, but what really helps the ends is using just a tiny bit of Argan Oil- ONLY in the ends. Too close to the scalp, and it gets greasy. This also keeps my hair super soft. I also take biotin for my nails & hair- it’s seriously amazing.

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